About us

Dear friends, colleagues, authors and our grateful and favourite readers!

Our journal is for people who care about what is happening around them, for those who seek to understand and explain, for those who are interested in life.

Fighting crime is not a beautiful slogan or an abstract concept. Fighting crime is an eternal struggle between good and evil, a search for truth where it seems impossible to find it. It is a fight for justice, a fight for everyone, not just ordinary citizens, to obey the law.

Our journal unites scientists, practitioners and all concerned people who live and communicate in our common house called One World. Together with our readers and authors we will endeavour to unite people living in different countries and in the most diverse corners of our planet.

We want to prove to ourselves and to everyone that it is not so difficult to unite. We want to prove that there are no barriers to our close co-operation: neither linguistic, nor economic, nor social, nor political.

Our journal is called “Union of Criminalists and Criminologists”, the main word here is the word “union”, i.e. “alliance”.

Maxim Zhilkin

Founders: N.F. Bodrov, T.V. Rednikova, E.A. Antonyan, O.A. Zaitsev.

Publisher: Prospect Publishing House

Mail of the journal: skk_vkk@mail.ru